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SAN FRANCISCO-A month ago in the books of Pac-12 women's gymnastics and conference rosters, in which seven programs were in the top 25 nationally, including three in the top 10 and four in their first four weeks at the top, the heat was provided by 12. The Pac-12 matches were in full swing in week four and the drama was great as the rivals were at the top of the list with a rare tie between No. 12 Oregon State and No. 5 UCLA finished above. In Week 5, competition opponents compete against each other and see a top-five matchup between No. 5 UCLA and No. 4 Utah on Friday, Jan. 3 in Salt Lake City, live on ESPN2.Na Saturday lineup, the Beavers visit #25 Washington, #21 ASU travels to the Bay Area to compete against current undefeated and #7 California, and finish at #28 Saturday night in Arizona in the NO. 24 Stanford. All three meetings are broadcast live on the Pac-12 network channels.

This week

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  • Week five kicks off with a landmark showdown between the top ranked Pac-12 players asNr.5 UCLAvisitsN.Friday night for what will undoubtedly be a crowded house on Jon M. Huntsman Center in Salt Lake City.The match starts at 18h.PT at a nationally televised meeting at ESPN2.This will be the third meeting of the Utes in the regular season broadcast by ESPN networks this year, the biggest in the history of the program.The two teams worked together in nine of the last 10 PAC-12 championships, with Utah winning five and Ucla winning four since 2013. The Utes seek their fourth consecutive victory in PAC-12 pairs in the regular season against Bruins, but will certainly arriveIn the end, as the last three meetings of the regular season were decided by less than 0.125 points.
  • Oregon-State, the four places from No. 16 to 12th placeNr.25 Washingtonon Saturday.The Huskies last beat the Beavers in Corvallis in 2020 and seek their first victory over Osu since 2018 in Seattle.The action starts at 13h.PT and will be broadcast live on PAC-12 Networks, PAC-12 Oregon and PAC-12 Washington.
  • #7 CaliforniaAt an 8-0 start and a 2-0 mark on the conference route, Saturday's undefeated streaks will cause a belt.No.21 is ArizonaIn recent history, this regular season game has been a back-and-forth, with teams alternating each year since 2017. ASU won 197,075-196,850, handing Cal its first loss of the season a year ago in Tempe. The performance begins at 2 pm PT live from Pac-12 Arizona and Pac-12 Bay Area.
  • At the end of the weekendNº 24 StanfordIt will be welcomeNee.28 ArizonaTo Maples Pavilion for a Saturday night showdown at 6 pm PT live on Pac-12. Both teams will be hoping to relax after losing games to their rivals this past weekend, as Stanford had to accept its first loss of the season at Cal and Arizona lost to ASU, although it posted its best team result of the season. The Cardinals and Gymcats met for the first time in 2020 in a doubles meeting after participating in a four-person meeting last season and the 2021 match was cancelled. While Stanford Arizona was in the Quad Meet competition last season, the Wildcats won the last duo in Tucson in 2020; however, Stanford has won the last two doubles at Maples (2017, 2019).

Summary of the fourth week

  • Platz 12Oregon isWe had a busy weekend, but impressive in the first month of the 2023 campaign. The Beavers dominated at home at their last double action outside the conference on Friday, with Rutgers dominating 197,275-194.150 and then voting early SundayThe Punctory Order in the Order of SundayNr.5 UCLAthe Bruins tied the Beavers' Pac-12 opener. OSU took three rotations and appeared to fail as UCLA performed monstrously on the floor, but a late score resulted in identical team stats, a rare result in gymnastics. gold medalistJade CareyHe won six more individual titles and his third overall title on his way to his third consecutive PAC-12 week gymnast award.UCLA FreshmanSelena HarrisShe also continued her great beginning of her high school career, scored three 9,925 and ended third in the All-The-Sound.
  • No. 4 UtahmitsNr.25washingtonin their opening Pac-12 game and posted a team-high season score of 197,975-196,350 in a win over the Huskies. The Utes are their usual example of consistency, scoring 197,275 or more runs in all four games this year and suffering their only loss to leaders Oklahoma. Utah's performance proved too much for the Huskies as the home team won all four leagues and overall. second yearGrace McCallumWon the All-Arynd at the Senior All-Arynd event, as well as event titles in parallel bars and on the floorJillian HofmanWon the jump with a better 9.95 career and an excellent senior resultMaile O'Keefewon the Beam title with a high of 9,975.
  • Last weekend's Bay Area showdown betweenNo. 24 StanfordEmNr.7It brought together two undefeated teams, but it was the Bears that managed to stay perfect with home wins of 197,525 to 196,075. Cal has recently continued its dominance in the series, winning the regular season every year since 2014. The Bears won all four events and clinched the overall title thanks to Junior All-AmericanIn.Aluno in the first yearEmjae Frazierwon his third other event in as many competitions by placing first in the jump and earning a share of the landing title to receive the "Pac-12 Specialist of the Week" award.
  • Nr.21 State of Arizonaaccumulated seven consecutive double wins against the state rivalArizonaWhen the Devils Gymnasium defeated the Gymcats in Tempe with 196,800-196.475. Asu took the lead after the first rotation and never handed it again, because the Sun Devils reserved seasonal heights in Spong (49,300), Balk (49,175) and floor (49.350) .Asu won single titles in all events, led by the elderly All AmericanHannah ScharfThose who won the overall title with a 39,400 season with a first draw in bars.Loss SpotzElizabeth La RussoThe height of his career in Vault, bars and floor that earned him the PAC-12 Coaches Choice award this week.

According to the numbers

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  • OSUCarefulReceived three consecutive Pac-12 Gymnast of the Week awards, is the only gymnast this season to have this season won all four event titles and the all-rounder in one competition (Beaver Quad Meet). is the same as her own figure for the second-highest all-point scoring in program history. Last weekend, Carey earned six singles wins and her third all-time title of the year in doubles against Rutgers and UCLA.
  • oregon stateLast weekend, consecutive scores of 197,275 were published, not only the highlight of the entire beaver season in 2023, but also UCLA's highest score in the program's history.
  • It's no surprise, in the scoreOregon isEmUCLA, teammates from the Olympic teamJade CareyEmJordan ChilesFirst, the pair took first place on floor and Carey the safe and radiation title and the overall title just shy of Chile's second place in any Chile victory bars event.
  • Utah's197,975 vs team scoreWashingtonIt is the third best meet mark in the country in 2023.
  • Caltied his record of the season with 197.525 points in victoryStanford, which is based on the ninth best score in the history of the program.
  • arizona statereached three consecutive hit values of 196+.
  • UCLA NeulingSelena Harris, the best recruit in the country last year, met her expectations. Harris won Freshman/Newcomer of the Week Awards, won the total twice (at Wasatch Classic in Washington) and reached a 9.9 on 14 of her 16First high school events, including six unique Better event titles.
  • In the third week (January 17-19) at the conference, two gymnasts hit Marcos - UCLA'sMarzetta Frazierum WashingtonAmara CunninghamEach completed 100 consecutive career routines during the match without a single fall.
  • Utah's49,675 in Barra at the Rio Tinto Best of Utah meeting on January 13 is the second best brand in the country and the second largest number of points in an event as a whole.
  • E-Nr.4 UCLAearned her first career win for the first time under head coach Janelle McDonald on January 14, when the Bruins wowed Washington (196,550), Minnesota (196,325) and Boise State (195,050) during the night session at the Wasatch Classic in Salt Lake City. By winning all four events, UCLA posted its highest away score since 2019 with 197,850 points.
  • By the weekend of January 13, there were three perfect tens in the conference - one for UtahAdded an eagleIn De Ray (second of his career in just nine jet routines) and two from the state of OregonJade Carey- -If third 10er career in the ground and the first in the jump.!Chari KnightHe got the feat in 1993, while the Olympic gold medalist of that year is the only gymnast in the country to win two dozen in the same competition.
  • Over three weekends, team and individual titles are as follows:
    • TEAM:Californië, 4 (Sessie 3 Super 16; Sessie 2, Wasatch Classic no Arizona; vs. Stanford); Utah, 3 (vs. # 6 lsu; Rio Tinto Best of Utah; vs. # 25 Washington); Stanford, 3 (Sessie 2 Super 16; v San Jose State, Arizona State); UCLA 2 (sessie 1, Wasatch Classic; em Washington); Oregon State 2 (Beaver Quad Meet; v Rutgers);1 Arizona State (vs Arizona).
    • INDIVIDUAL:Allayen Ansiedade, Ariz – UB;Malia Hargrove, Ariz – VA (x3);Zemermin Linton, Ariz – BB;Emily Mueller, Ariz - FL;Sarah Clark, Asu – UB (x3);Jordan Jaslow, Asu – FL;Jada-armel, Asu – FL (x2);Hannah Scharf, Asu – FL, UB, aa;anaya smith, asu – va;Emily White, Asu – VA, FL, UB, BB, Aa;Ella Cesario, Cal – UB;Emjae Frazier, Cal-FL, BB, va;Nevaeh Desouza, Cal – aa, va;MYA LAUZON, CAL-FL, VA, BB;Andy Lee, Cal-fl, aa(x2), UB(x3), BB;Maddie Williams, Cal – UB (x2);Jade Carey, osu – aa (x3), fl (x3), va (x4);UB(x2), BB(x3);Clair Dean, Stan – FL;Anna Roberts, Stan – AA, FL (x2), VA (x3);Chloe widner, Stan – aa, BB (x3), fl;Amara cunningham, was – fl (x2);Skylar Killoough-Wilhelm, WS – BB;Chae Campbell, Ucla-FL (X2);Jordan Chiles, UCLA - UB (x3), VA, BB, FL, aa;Selena Harris, Ucla – UB (x2), BB (x2), VA, AA (X2);Through Eaker, Utah – BB;The hofman delegation, Utah (VA);Grace mcccallum, utah - aa, UB (x2), fl (x2);Maile o'keefe, utah - bb (x3);Jaedyn Rucker, Utah – VA (X2);mckenna smith, utah – va.
  • UtahHe opened the season by defeating the then sixth place Lsu Tigers (197.275-196.775) in front of a multitude of over 11,000 people at Huntsman Center.The event was broadcast live by ESPN2.It was the best opening result of the Utah season since 2005 and the third best in the program's history.The Utes improved to 62-6 of all time at the opening of the season.
  • Californiabegan the season with a historic performance, earning its best season-opening total in program history. The Bears' score of 197,457 was their all-time electric score, securing first place in their session at the Super 16 event in Las Vegas. No Cal's third ranking for the Nationals after the first week was the highest in the ranking system in program history.
  • De Huskies and the Bruins also booked their highest opening totals in over ten yearsWashingtonrecorded its best result since 2004 andUCLAIt is your best result since 2005, when you played several sessions of the Super 16 event in Las Vegas.

Road for National Classification

  • Ofway to nationalsClassifications serve as official NCAA Gymnastics classifications, as they record the individual and team results and the averages of events throughout the season.Over the course of four weeks of competition, seven of the eight PAC-12 programs produced results that put them among the 25 best nationally, and all eight are in the top 28, including three in the top 10-no.4 Utah (197,569), no...5 UCLA (197325) and # 7 California (197231).
  • Oregon State made the biggest jump of any team in the nation in 2023 and moved up 14 spots from week one to four, averaging 196,810 - from spot 26 to spot 12. Arizona State jumped three spots from spot 24 to #21 (196,250), followed by Stanford at #24 (196,144) and Washington at #25 (196,050). Arizona remained in 28th place (195,850).
  • In team events, Utah (49,413) is No. 4 and UCLA (49,288) is No. 7 in vault; In bars, UCLA (49,450) is third and California is fourth (49,444); Utah (49,544) continues to have the nation's highest average on the balance beam with CAL fourth (49,388) and Oregon fifth (49,345); UCLA has the top floor of the PAC-12 of 49,525, which ranks second in the nation, while Oregon State ranks sixth with 49,350.
  • Several individual gymnasts are among the top ten gymnasts in the country in individual tests:
    • I am all -Lound, Osu'sCarefulis in second place, with an average of 39,675.UCLA First -phenomenonSelena HarrisIs the fourth with his teammate with 39,650 with 39,650jordan chilesEighth overall with 39,575.
    • Do not chest,CareyThe country leads with an average of 9,940, followed by UCLAHarrisDraw in seventh place with 9,925 and utahJaedyn Ruckertied for ninth with 9,913.
    • Barras de op, UCLAsChili'soccupies the first place with 9,956, followed by calI amfourth with 9,950 and UCLAsHarrisIn a shared sixth place at 9,931.
    • On the floor, UCLASChae CampbellIt's not OsuCarefulare in second place in 9,944 points with UCLAPepperDraw in sixth place with 9,931.
    • Even Balk Utahs balancingMaile O'KeefeHas the best average in the country with 9,963 with teammatesAdd eAkerFourth with 9,925.osusCareyIt is in seventh place with 9,915.

Preseason classification

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  • All 8 PAC-12 gymnastics teams for women ended in the 25 best of the 25 rankingsPreliminary seasonal examination of the Women's Collegiate Gymnastics Association (WCGA) of 2023.In the annual opinion research for the preseason, which was voted by the Women's Gymnastics coaches of Division I, each PAC-12 program has been among the 25 best for the first time since 2014. The eight teams among the 25 best were withmore frequency combined with sec.
  • Utah, who took third place in the national championship and won his second consecutive PAC-12 title in 2022, was the best team of the conference, finishing third for two votes.General in the 2010 National Survey.
  • Alongside Utah in the top 10, California ranked 8th and UCLA ranked 10th. Oregon State was ranked 14th, followed by Stanford at 17th, Washington at 24th, Arizona State at number and Arizona at 25th.

Olympic power

  • This season's PAC-12 constellations include four Olympic medalists of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. He worked as a PAC-12 gymnast and newcomer of the year in Oregon State,Jade Carey(We) won an individual gold medal in the exercise of the floor, All American, UCLASJordan Chilesa UtahsGrace McCallumThey were silver medals winners in the team competition with the United States and UtahsAmelie MorganGreat Britain's half for team bronze, the first gymnastics medal since 1928.
  • The PAC-12 is completed with the Olympic belts, their UCLAsBrooklyn Moors, who represented Canada in Tokyo and Utahsadd eakerin UCLASEmma on the way backThese alternatives were for the United States.
  • Carey and Chiles also recently won individual medals at the latest 2022 World Championships and a silver -Team -championship.brown freshman medalCem AlipiusHe also competed at the World Championships and won a silver medal on the balance beam.

All-American party

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  • Pac-12 returns 17 All-Americans who have won more than 50 career All-American awards, including current USA Gymnast of the YearJade Carey, who was an eight-time All-American last year during his freshman campaign at Oregon State.
  • Other returning All-Americans include:Abby Brenner, after;Chae Campbell(4-mal), UCLA;Jordan Chiles, UCLA;Add Eaker, Utah;Marzetta Frazier(3-mal), UCLA;Ma's approximate, OSU;NEVAEH DE SOUZA(3 times), lime;crystal one(5-Mal), Utah;In(3 times), lime;SiRNA Linton, Ariz;Grace McCallum(5-Mal), Utah;Maile O'Keefe(11 shoppings), Utah;Abby Paulson(4 shopping centers), Utah;Jaedyn Rucker, after;Hannah Scharf(3-mal) Clothes;Sage Thompson, Afterwards.

Pac-12 Preseason Voting and Watch Lists

  • I amPac-12 Price Sittle Sains-Incoming InvestigatingDefending Pac-12 champion Utah was selected as the preseason favorite for a third consecutive conference title in 2023. UCLA is ranked No. 2 in the poll. UCLA won in 2016, 2018 and 2019 and Utah in 2014, 2015, 2017, 2021 and 2022. California finished third in the poll, followed by Oregon State as fourth and Stanford as Stanford as Fifth, Washington as sixth, Arizona State as seventh and Arizona as eighth.
  • In December, PAC-12 stopped openingObservation lists of the previous season for the 2023 seasonThey were nominated by the eight PAC-12 coaches.The waiting list for the previous season of 12 men included:Brenna Brooks, To wash;Jade Carey, OSU;Jordan Chiles, UCLA;Madi there mark, OSU;Malia Hargrove, Arizona;Caroline Harry, Ariz;Skylar Killough-Wilhelm, ERA;In, Cal;Grace McCallum, Utah;Hannah ScharfAsu;Emily WitCLOTHING; I am notChloe Widner, Stan. The 4-person newcomer watch list included:Emma Frazier, Cal;Selena Harris, UCLA;Anna RobertsCity;Makenna Smith, AFTER.


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  • For the first time in the history of PAC-12, all PAC-12 women's gymnastics programs were selected last season in the NCAA Women's Gymnastics regions (all eight current programs were selected).
  • Utah participated in his 46th National Championship after winning Seattle Regional and is the only program in the country that qualified for each national championship, including all 40 NCAA Championships (started in 1982).
  • Utah reached the NCAA Finals and finished third for the second year in a row.
  • All eight teams ended among the first 26 in the final classification - # 3 Utah, # 11 California, # 12 UCLA, # 14 Stanford, # 17 Oregon State, # 21 Washington, # 22 Arizona State, # 26 Arizona.


2023 Pac-12 Women's Gymnastics Championship

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  • Tickets for the 2023 PAC-12 Women's Gymnastics Championship presented by SPRSEN are already on salePac-12.com/ticketsThe one-day, two-session event returns Saturday, March 18 at the Maverik Center in West Valley City, Utah.


Where can I watch the Pac-12 gymnastics championships in 2023? ›

All Pac-12 Networks coverage can be seen on Pac-12 Network, the Pac-12 Now app (for iOS, Android and Apple TV) or the appropriate regional channel.

How can I watch college gymnastics 2023? ›

The ABC family of networks will broadcast the remainder of the 2023 NCAA gymnastics championship, including both semifinals and the championship round. ESPN2 will broadcast the national semifinals on Thursday, while ABC will carry the championship round on Saturday.

What channel is the women's gymnastics championship on? ›

In North America, ESPN will provide live coverage on television and online at espn.com/watch of the 2023 NCAA Women's Gymnastics Championships.


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