WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (2023)

Saturday, June 3, 2023 22:02 local time (about 1 day and 8 hours ago)

Ronnie Day Wins Tournament of Champions ($200,000)

WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (1)

Adding a fourth day to the schedule is goodRonnie's Day, as the professional veteran was the last player standingHorseshoes and Paris Las Vegas. After earning his ticket with a WSOPC ring, this is Day's first gold bracelet. In addition, Day won $200,000 in cash and the titletournament of championswinner notWorld Series of Poker 2023.

"It's so surreal right now, it's unbelievable, I don't even know how to explain it," Day said.PokerNewsafter posing for pictures with her latest piece of jewelry.

This invite-only event had a guaranteed prize pool of $1,000,000 and was open to anyone who had won a WSOP bracelet or circuit in the past year. Day hit the field securing his first track ring last month in Elizabeth, Indiana.

WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (2)

Final table action

A total of 741 players out of 989 qualifiers participated in the freeroll event. The final seven returned today for an extra fourth day to battle for WSOP glory.

Barry Schultzentered the field by winning the senior event at the Horseshoe Tunica in January. Schultz started the day low on chips and was eliminated firstwhen he saw the straps of his bag breakturn.

The only Canadian at the final table,Justin Hotte-McKinnon, that's itnext in sixth place. Hotte-McKinnon secured her spot on the Tournament of Champions field by earning her ring in March.

Wissam GahshanAfter qualifying with a victory at the Bicycle Casino in December, he was the chip leader earlier in the day.and achieved the best score of his careerwith fifth place.

how was the dayclimbed on the scoreboard, the eliminations continued around him at the table.

Jager McClellandGuerrathe next to go, who earned a nice payday after winning two ring events at the WSOP PA.Patrick Witfollowed in third placein the hands of the day, and added a nice score to his resume, which came with a win at the WSOP circuit stop at Turning Stone.

final table results

1Ronnie's DayUSA200.000 $
2Brent GregoriusUSA120.000 $
3Patrick WitUSA87.000 $
4Jager McClellandUSA63.000 $
5Wissam GahshanUSA46.000 $
6Justin Hotte-McKinnonYou have35.000 $
7Barry SchultzUSA26.000 $
8Daniel MarxUSA20.000 $
9Zachary GrünebergUSA16.000 $

crown a champion

The heads-up game didn't last long.Brent Gregoriushad a significant chip disadvantage that paved the way for Day's victory. Gregory secured a career-best second place after qualifying with a win at the WSOP Circuit event in Tulsa in March.

As for our champion, Day said his next challenge is to find a third career moneyWSOP main event. “I sat there thinking, instead of just jumping straight into the fire, this is actually good exercise for the protagonist,” Day said after reflecting on his experience this week.

The winning hand was Jack Five Offsuit, to which Day quipped, "Motown's back, right?"

This is the endPokerNewsreports on thetournament of champions, but we will continue to provide live updates as we move forward.World Series of Poker 2023in Las Vegas.

Saturday, June 3, 2023, 9:30 pm local time (approximately 1 day and 8 hours ago)

Brent Gregory eliminated in 2nd place ($120,000)

WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (3)

Brent Gregory limped in from the button and called when Ronnie Day raised to 775,000 from the big blind.

Both players connectedon the flop and Day continued with 375,000. Gregory called to see thisTurn and was soon faced with a bet of 1,300,000. Gregory moved all-in and was caught by Day.

Brent Gregory:

OfThe river didn't change anything, leaving Day in the lead and Gregory eliminated in 2nd place.

Ronnie's Day22.230.0008.730.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (4)
Brent Gregorius0-8.800.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (5)

Saturday, June 3, 2023 21:11 local time (approximately 1 day and 9 hours ago)

Gregory Forces the Fold

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Ronnie Day opened from the button to 575,000before Brent Gregory three-bet to 1,600,000in the big blind. day called to see thisThe failure.

Gregory continued with 900,000 and quickly folded to Day to get back to 35 big blinds.

Ronnie's Day13.500.000-425.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (6)
Brent Gregorius8.800.000475.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (7)

Saturday, June 3, 2023 8:58 PM local time (about 1 day and 9 hours ago)

Day trips to the top

Brent Gregory cinto com Button mitand Ronnie Day checked his big blind option withfor theThe failure.

The day went to 200,000 and Gregory called to seeto play. The day led again with 425,000 after making trip sevens, after which Gregory announced a raise to 1,200,000.

Day took a while to get all-in and Gregory quickly called his bluff.

Saturday, June 3, 2023 8:46 PM local time (about 1 day and 9 hours ago)

Day recovers lost chips

Brent Gregory cinto com Button mitand called again when Ronnie Day raised to 700,000 withi'm big blind.

The day held for 400,000Flop, forcing Gregory to fold. Day got some chips back after Gregory won the first few hands heads-up.

Ronnie's Day13.925.000-1.425.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (8)
Brent Gregorius8.325.0001.425.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (9)

Saturday, June 3, 2023 8:38 PM local time (about 1 day and 9 hours ago)

Attention to the bracelet

The cards are back in the air at the main gaming table at Horseshoe Las Vegas.

The winner will receive $200,000 and the WSOP gold bracelet, with both guaranteed to take home a minimum of $120,000.

Ronnie's Day15.350.0000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (11)
Brent Gregorius6.900.0000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (12)

Saturday, June 3, 2023 8:28 PM local time (about 1 day and 9 hours ago)

short break

Before the heads-up, players take a short break.

Saturday, June 3, 2023 8:28 PM local time (about 1 day and 9 hours ago)

Eliminated Patrick White in 3rd place ($87,000)

WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (13)

Ronnie Day raised to 400,000 from the button and the small blind Brent Gregory got out of the way. The big blind Patrick White put his last 3,750,000 in chips in the middle and Day quickly called.

Patrick Wit:

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The plate was emptyand Day held the best hand and eliminated his opponent.

White won $87,000 for third place.

Ronnie's Day15.350.0004.050.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (14)
Brent Gregorius6.900.000-400.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (15)
Patrick Wit0-4.150.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (16)

Saturday, June 3, 2023, 8:26 pm local time (about 1 day and 9 hours ago)

Eliminated Hunter McClelland in 4th place ($63,000)

WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (17)

Brent Gregory opened for 400,000 and called when Hunter McClelland moved his short stack of 1,750,000 into the middle.

Jager McClelland:
Brent Gregory:

McClelland was unable to catch him and ended his race in 4th place.

Ronnie's Day11.300.0000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (18)
Brent Gregorius7.300.0002.200.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (19)
Patrick Wit4.150.000-50.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (20)
Jager McClelland0-1.800.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (21)

Saturday, June 3, 2023 8:23 pm local time (about 1 day and 9 hours ago)

McClellan bends throughout the day

Hunter McClelland was released shortly after his previous confrontation with Brent Gregory. When it was doubled up to him in the small blind, he decided to put the last of his chips in the middle and Ronnie Day made a quick call from the big blind.

Jager McClelland:

The plate was emptye McClelland good.

Ronnie's Day11.300.000-975.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (22)
Brent Gregorius5.100.0001.975.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (23)
Patrick Wit4.200.00050.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (24)
Jager McClelland1.800.000-900.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (25)

Saturday, June 3, 2023 8:12 PM local time (about 1 day and 10 hours ago)

day calls good

WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (27)

Brent Gregory raised to 400,000 from the button with, while Ronnie Day defended his big blind with.

Day checked thisflop and called when Gregory checked to 375,000. Both players then checkedturn.

rechecked dayRiver, after which Gregory took some time to bet 750,000. It took 90 seconds for him to call and he saw the good news as his top pair was about to increase his chip lead.

Ronnie's Day12.275.0002.975.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (28)
Patrick Wit4.150.000150.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (29)
Brent Gregorius3.125.000-775.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (30)
Jager McClelland2.700.000-500.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (31)

Saturday, June 3, 2023 7:58 PM local time (about 1 day and 10 hours ago)

Level 31 has started

Level: 31

Blinds: 100.000/200.000

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Ante: 200.000

Saturday, June 3, 2023 7:46 PM local time (approximately 1 day and 10 hours ago)

Gregory duplo via McClelland

WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (32)

Ronnie Day opened with 400,000 chips and saw Brent Gregory go all-in for 2,230,000. Then Hunter McClelland moved his stack to the middle, putting Gregory in danger as Day dodged him.

Brent Gregory:
Jager McClelland:

Gregory was in great form early in the hand and the lead continued to growThe failure. Thereturn andThe river didn't help McClelland as Gregory doubled his stack.

Ronnie's Day12.300.0003.000.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (33)
Brent Gregorius5.100.0001.200.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (34)
Patrick Wit4.200.000200.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (35)
Jager McClelland775.000-2.425.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (36)

Saturday, June 3, 2023 7:41 PM local time (approximately 1 day and 10 hours ago)

Day wins the three bet pot against Gregory

Ronnie Day raised to 320,000 withBrent Gregory was the first player to act, 3-betting to 825,000.. The players in the blinds quickly cleared the way and it was daylight again.

Day counted out some chips and after weighing his options for about a minute, he called.

Do flop vieland day checked. Gregory looked back as he slowed down and they both saw.turn. Day took the betting initiative with a small bet of 375,000 and was called by Gregory.

Ofcompleted the board on the river and Day counted a bet of 1,300,000. A quick fold followed by Gregory and Day won the pot.

Ronnie's Day9.300.0001.315.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (37)
Patrick Wit4.000.000-850.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (38)
Brent Gregorius3.900.000655.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (39)
Jager McClelland3.200.000-70.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (40)

Saturday, June 3, 2023 7:22 pm local time (about 1 day and 10 hours ago)

McClelland enters three times

Hunter McClelland used his short stack in the last round and shoved three times in the last five hands.

McClelland was never in danger as his opponents folded all three times, but the fast play added valuable chips to his stack.

Ronnie's Day7.985.000-2.730.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (41)
Patrick Wit4.850.0001.580.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (42)
Jager McClelland3.270.00075.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (43)
Brent Gregorius3.245.000-1.820.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (44)

Saturday, June 3, 2023 7:13 pm local time (about 1 day and 11 hours ago)

Wissam Gahsham was eliminated in 5th place ($46,000)

WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (46)

Wissam Gahsham was in the small blind and decided to put the rest of his stack in the middle, worth 1,450,000. Ronnie Day looked at his cards and called.

Wissam Gahsham:

The plate was emptyAnd although Gahsham lost a straight tie on the flop, that ended his Tournament of Champions run as he earned a career-best $46,000.

Ronnie's Day10.715.0002.515.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (47)
Brent Gregorius5.065.0001.565.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (48)
Patrick Wit3.270.000-1.230.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (49)
Jager McClelland3.195.000995.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (50)
Wissam Gahshan0-3.900.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (51)

Saturday, June 3, 2023 7:06 PM local time (about 1 day and 11 hours ago)

Flop-raise wins pot of the day

WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (52)

Ronnie Day called from the small blind when he folded withand Big Blind Patrick White decided to raise to 460,000. Day called and they went to the flop.

Do flop vieland Day checked to White, who continued with a bet of 500,000. The day wasn't over with the hand when he raised the flop to 1,300,000 and sent White to the tank.

After three minutes, White folded his hand and Day won the pot.

Ronnie's Day8.200.000850.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (53)
Patrick Wit4.500.000-530.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (54)
Wissam Gahshan3.900.000-175.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (55)
Brent Gregorius3.500.00015.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (56)
Jager McClelland2.200.000-105.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (57)
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Saturday, June 3, 2023 7:05 PM local time (about 1 day and 11 hours ago)

Gregory raises the river

Patrick White calls himself small withand Brent Gregory checked his option from the big blind.

Both players checked thisFlop with white with a lead of 300,000turns and Gregory calls out.

White again played 500,000River with top pair, to which Gregory raised all-in to 2,630,000 with his straight.

White called for a count and took a while before folding as Gregory won the battle for the blinds.

Ronnie's Day7.985.000635.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (58)
Brent Gregorius4.205.000720.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (59)
Patrick Wit3.890.000-1.140.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (60)
Jager McClelland3.270.000965.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (61)
Wissam Gahshan2.895.000-1.180.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (62)

Saturday, June 3, 2023 6:58 PM local time (about 1 day and 11 hours ago)

White takes Gregory

WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (63)

Patrick White raised to 350,000 from the buttonand Brent Gregory bets three times from the small blindup to 800,000. White decided to call and went heads-up to the flop.

Do flop vieland both players checked. Ogot cards on the turn and Gregory postponed the c-bet to 425,000. White stuck on a call and allcompleted the table.

Both players quickly checked and White showed that his hand had the best hand.

Ronnie's Day7.350.0000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (64)
Patrick Wit5.030.0001.545.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (65)
Wissam Gahshan4.075.0000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (66)
Brent Gregorius3.485.000-1.225.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (67)
Jager McClelland2.305.000-320.000WSOP | Tournaments | Event Updates (68)

Saturday, June 3, 2023 6:57 PM local time (about 1 day and 11 hours ago)

Level 30 has started

Level: 30

Blinds: 80.000/160.000

Ante: 160.000


What is the buy-in for the World Series of Poker 2023? ›

The 2023 WSOP Main Event kicks off on July 3rd with the first of four starting flights from July 3-6, 2023. The buy-in remains at $10,000 with both live and online satellites available. In 2022, 1,302 players made the many and anyone who made the final table of nine players was guaranteed a payout of $850,675.

How do I qualify for WSOP 2023? ›

The 2023 field will be limited to those winning a WSOP Circuit ring at a live event or during a online circuit from July 20, 2022 to May 22, 2023, as well as winners from WSOP Online 2022 ( and WSOP Europe 2022.

Has anyone won WSOP twice? ›

Johnny Moss was the first person to win the WSOP. Since then only Moss and Stu Ungar have won the Main Event three times; Ungar is the only one to have won three times in the freeze-out format. Moss, Ungar, Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan are the only people who have won the Main Event two years in a row.

How many people enter the World Series of Poker? ›

In the main event alone, the number of participants grew from 839 in 2003 to 8,773 in 2006, and has hovered between 6,300 and 7,200 entrants in the eleven years since. Phil Hellmuth has won the most bracelets with 16 followed by Doyle Brunson, Johnny Chan, and Phil Ivey with ten bracelets each.

What is the prize pool for WSOP 2023? ›

The 2023 WSOP Tournament of Champions featured a $1,000,000 prize pool, posted by the WSOP, with a WSOP bracelet or WSOP Circuit ring win from the last year being a requisite to participate.

Do World Series of Poker players use their own money? ›

Poker tournaments are not played with real money.

When signing up to a tournament, a fixed sum of money is exchanged for chips that can be used to play the game. A player is eliminated from a tournament if they run out of chips and a real-money prize is only awarded if they place within the prize pool.

What is the average age of WSOP winners? ›

The Surge of the Young Guns

For the first eleven years, the average age of the WSOP Main Event Final Table was 47. In the previous eleven years, the average age has dropped to 32.

What is the Main Event for WSOP 2023 Las Vegas? ›

The 2023 'Main Event' is the WSOP $10,000 buy-in No Limit Hold 'em World Championship and runs from July 3 through July 17. There are four starting flights and players get in-the-money near the end of Day 3 on July 9.

What is the WSOP promo code? ›

Quick Take: The WSOP promo code is 25BONUS for all states with the World Series of Poker online, including Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. When you sign up you'll get a 100% deposit match bonus for up to $1,000 AND up to $100 in Bonus Play.

Who is the richest poker player? ›

Richest Poker Players FAQs

Who is the richest poker player ever? Andy Beal. Although he earned his money in the world of business, his participation in the biggest poker game ever played makes him a key part of poker history and the richest poker player ever. Andy Beal's a net worth is around $10 billion.

Who is considered the greatest poker player of all time? ›

Phil Ivey is the greatest poker player of all time. That's all we need to say about this man. Even though he's not top of the all-time money list, he's still regarded as the best. Winning over £30 million, as well as WSOP and WPT titles, certainly makes him a contender for poker's GOAT.

Who is the youngest player to win WSOP? ›

With the November 2009 victory, which occurred just over a week before his 22nd birthday, Cada supplanted Peter Eastgate, who won at age 22, as the youngest World Series of Poker Main Event champion.

How much do World Series of Poker players make? ›

The 2022 No-Limit Hold 'Em World Championship will see 8,663 players competing for a prize pool of $80.8 million — both second-most all-time behind the 2006 edition (8,773; $82.5M). This year's tournament will pay out the top 1,300 players, with the winner claiming a $10 million payday.

How much does it cost to enter WSOP? ›

The Main Event, which is the highlight of the entire WSOP festival, has a buy-in of $10,000. In previous years, there was the Big One for One Drop event in aid of charity, which cost a cool $1 million to enter.

Can anyone buy into the World Series of Poker? ›

The WSOP is democratic in the sense that anyone can join the tournament. All you need is to be of legal age (21 years), and to have the money for the buy-in.

What is a freezeout in poker? ›

The term “freezeout” is used because it perfectly describes what happens after you enter this type of event. You only have your stack in front of you, and the game is over when the stack is gone. In freezeouts, players can not re-enter the tournament after they lose their stack.

Does WSOP Main Event have satellites? ›

EVERY. SINGLE. DAY in June we're giving you a shot at a $10,000 Main Event Seat with our daily $10,000 Main Event Seat Satellites. That's 30 chances to score a seat to poker's biggest event this summer in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What does winner of WSOP get? ›

The WSOP Main Event will continue through Final Table play scheduled for July 15-16 when a new World Series of Poker Main Event champion will be crowned and win the coveted gold bracelet and $10 million dollars. Additional payouts above $100,000 to the top-80 finishers.

What is the average salary for a poker player? ›

While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $116,000 and as low as $11,500, the majority of Poker Player salaries currently range between $26,000 (25th percentile) to $50,000 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $72,500 annually across the United States.

How much do 5 10 poker players make? ›

There's an average /hr wage of $100 for those playing NLHE for stakes of $5/$10. As you can probably work out, the higher the blinds, the higher the average wage for a poker player is. You will also find that higher blinds also lead to higher risk, however.

What is the highest female finish WSOP? ›

Enright is best known as the only woman to have reached the final table of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) US$10,000 no limit hold'em Main Event. She achieved this in 1995, finishing in 5th place after her pocket eights were outdrawn by a suited 6-3.

Has a woman ever won WSOP? ›

Linda Johnson and Maria Stern won in 1997 before a couple of barren years. Since 2000, women have won 27 open bracelets, including at least one each year from 2012 to 2021.

Who is the oldest player to win a WSOP bracelet? ›

  • Paul "Cigar" McKinney, was the oldest player to capture his first bracelet, winning the 2005 WSOP Seniors Event at 80.
  • Bernstein is probably the oldest player to win his first open WSOP bracelet.

How much does the Main Event pay in WSOP 22? ›

Chart of 2022 WSOP Main Event Final Table Payouts After Taxes
1stEspen Jordstad$10,000,000
2ndAdrian Attenborough$6,000,000
3rdMichael Duek$4,000,000
4thJohn Eames$3,000,000
5 more rows
Jul 18, 2022

How many WSOP tournaments are there a year? ›

Well, players may re-enter if they want to in 53 of the 88 WSOP events.

How do I join the WSOP tournament? ›

WSOP uses to manage online/mobile registrations. To register online, players will need one visit to the WSOP FasTrac online verification area located in the Champagne Ballroom.

Does tipping the dealer in WSOP app do anything? ›

Don't Tip The Dealer

In digital poker games like World Series Of Poker, this does not do anything – it is an option just to honor this tradition. So, yes, don't tip the dealer: There is no reason for that.

What is the code for free 1000000 WSOP chips? ›

WSOP Free Poker Game - How do I get chips? While new players will earn 1,000,000 chips just for signing up, existing players also have a shot at earning some free chips. All they have to do in order to get an extra 1,000,000 chips is enter the bonus code 'WSOPPN' on the WSOP APP.

Who is the unluckiest poker player in the world? ›

That's the face of a man whose stomach just swallowed his heart. If you've ever missed out on a pot because your three-of-a-kind lost to a gut-shot straight on the river, Connor Drinan is playing a super tiny violin for you.

Is poker a skill or luck? ›

Like all gambling games, luck does play a major role in poker, especially in the short term. Poker is different than any other form of gambling, however. Unlike the other games on a casino floor, poker is a game of skill, and the world's top pros make money because they're the best players in the game.

Who is the poker king in the world? ›

Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian)

Who is the poker guy who never loses? ›

Archie Karas
Nickname(s)The Greek
ResidenceLas Vegas, Nevada, U.S.
BornAnargyros Nicholas Karabourniotis November 1, 1950 Antypata, Cephalonia, Greece
World Series of Poker
1 more row

Who is the best poker player alive? ›

12 Top Poker Players Are:
  • Justin Bonomo - ZeeJustin.
  • Doyle Brunson – Texas Dolly.
  • Johnny Moss – Grandfather of Poker.
  • Phil Hellmuth – The Poker Brat.
  • Phil Ivey – The Tiger Woods of Poker.
  • Stu Ungar – The Comeback Kid.
  • Daniel Negreanu – Kid Poker.
  • Erik Seidel – Sly.
Oct 20, 2022

Who is the best poker gambler? ›

So, not just money but the playing style, consistency, personality, and achievements are considered to provide this list.
  • Doyle Brunson. Doyle Brunson is now 87 years old, and he has enjoyed probably the longest era of poker. ...
  • Phil Ivey. ...
  • Fedor Holz. ...
  • Johnny Moss. ...
  • Justin Bonomo. ...
  • Phil Hellmuth. ...
  • Bryn Kenney. ...
  • Daniel Negreanu.
Oct 14, 2022

What is the biggest WSOP prize? ›

1. $12 Million – Jamie Gold (2006) The 2006 WSOP Main Event remains the biggest one to date. The tournament attracted a record-breaking field of 8,773 runners, creating by far the biggest prize pool in WSOP history.

How do you get a WSOP bracelet? ›

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet is considered the most coveted non-monetary prize a poker player can win. Since 1976, a bracelet has been awarded to the winner of every event at the annual WSOP. Even if the victory occurred before 1976, WSOP championships are now counted as "bracelets".

Who won the 2023 WSOP Main Event? ›


Elgin, Illinois (17 April, 2023) - It was a successful return to Grand Victoria for the World Series of Poker Circuit as a field of 954 entries were recorded through two starting flights generating a $1,445,310 prize pool.

Are WSOP winnings taxed? ›

Winners are responsible for any and all taxes, licenses, registrations and other fees, as applicable. 7. Winnings may be subject to reporting and withholding pursuant to federal IRS regulations and participants are required to cooperate with Casino in completing necessary forms.

Do professional poker players tip dealers? ›

The skilled dealers should be compensated fairly, whether that comes from the casino paying a reasonable salary or from tips. If the hourly wage isn't sufficient enough for a dealer to get by financially, it is up to the poker community to step up and tip generously whether you're a pro or recreational player.

How much is WSOP bracelet worth? ›

How much is a bracelet worth? Over the years the bracelets have changed and so has their value, but the first bracelet back in 1976 was worth around $500. Nowadays, the WSOP bracelets are quite different, and the ones awarded in most events are worth around $1,500.

How much do dealers make at the WSOP? ›

However, dealers at the WSOP typically earn a wage that is comparable to other casino dealers. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median hourly wage for casino dealers is $11.75 per hour as of May 2021.

Can I make a living playing poker? ›

That's one of the most common questions that aspiring poker players ask themselves and their poker friends. What's the real answer? Yes, you definitely can make a considerable amount of money and even make a living playing poker. It won't be easy, though, especially if we're talking about online poker.

Can you cash out in World Series of Poker? ›

A player may withdraw bonus funds or winnings from such funds, only after all applicable bonus and promotion policy requirements have been met. We do not charge a fee for any withdrawal method; however, the player's bank or payment processor may levy a fee to process the withdrawal, for which the player is responsible.

How much is the entry fee for the 2023 World Series of Poker? ›

The 2023 WSOP Main Event kicks off on July 3rd with the first of four starting flights from July 3-6, 2023. The buy-in remains at $10,000 with both live and online satellites available.

How many people enter the WSOP? ›

The 53rd Annual World Series of Poker awarded a staggering $333,362,004 in prize money over 88 live bracelet events — beating the previous record attained in 2019 by nearly $50 million. The series drew an astonishing 182,662 entrants — over 50% more than the pandemic-hit 2021 series.

How much is the buy-in for the world poker tournament? ›

One of the biggest events in poker history is coming back to Las Vegas this December as the World Poker Tour announced the return of the $1,000,000 buy-in Big One for One Drop.

What is the buy-in for the world poker tournament? ›

The WPT Main Tour focuses on the buy-in range of $3,500-$25,000, and winners of official WPT Main Tour events are awarded a membership to the WPT Champions Club. The WPT Champions Cup is the trophy awarded to all winners of WPT Main Tour events, and champions have their names engraved on the Cup.

What is the buy-in for a poker tournament? ›

In poker and gaming "buying in" is the process of entering a tournament that requires an up-front payment. The size of the payment, otherwise known as the "buy in", determines the total winning prize pool and also contains a fee, otherwise known as the rake, that is paid to the house.

How do you buy-in to the World Series of poker? ›

Methods of Payment for WSOP Events: Cash, credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express), ACH, wire transfers or cashier's checks drawn from the registrant's accredited bank account and made out to Participant or Paris, Paris or Bally's gaming chips, Paris Tournament Buy-In Chips, or Tournament Buy ...

What is the biggest buy-in poker tournament ever? ›

The Big One for One Drop is a $1,000,000 buy-in No Limit Texas hold 'em tournament hosted at the World Series of Poker (WSOP). Added in 2012, it became the highest buy-in poker tournament in history as well as the largest single payout offered.

How much do world poker players make? ›

The greatest players in the world can make $10 million each year, or higher. This comes out to between $500 to $10,000 per hour. However, it should be noted that there are very few high-stakes poker players, simply because it takes so much more effort to become a pro poker player.

How much does dealer make for world poker tour? ›

So, a dealer could make upwards of $52.50 per hour if they deal mixed games, plus their share of any tips left by the players. If any additional dealer funds are leftover at the end of the tournament they will be paid out as a bonus based on the total number of downs worked throughout the entire series.

Who is the best female poker player? ›

10 Of The Best Female Poker Players In The World (2022)
  • NUMBER 1. Vanessa Selbst, New York, $11m + ...
  • NUMBER 2. Kathy Liebert, Nashville, $6.4m + ...
  • NUMBER 3. Kristen Bicknell, Ontario, $5.6m + ...
  • NUMBER 4. Annie Duke, Oregon, $4m + ...
  • NUMBER 5. Maria Ho, Los Angeles, $4m + ...
  • NUMBER 6. Annette Obrestad, Norway, $3.9m + ...
  • NUMBER 7. ...
  • NUMBER 8.

Who has won the most WPT titles? ›

World Poker Tour Champions Club
First award2002
First winnerGus Hansen
Most winsDarren Elias (4)
Most recentEliot Hudon (WPT World Championship)
3 more rows

Are poker tournaments worth it? ›

Poker tournaments are easier for a beginner to learn but they also require a large time commitment and your winnings will be very inconsistent. Cash games on the other hand offer much less demands on your time and your winnings will be a lot more consistent.

How much money should I bring to a poker game? ›

Poker Money & Variance

The common rule for NL cash game players is 20BI. So if you play $1/$2 live cash games and buy in for 100bb, or $200, then you should have a bankroll of at least $4,000. And if you play $25NL on online and buy-in for 100bb then you should have a bankroll of at least $500.

Should you always buy-in for the max poker? ›

Remember that you can always buy-in short to get a feel for your table first, and then top-up to the maximum if you feel it's necessary. If you are at a table full of deepstack regs and one shortstack fish (who you know is worse than you), don't feel inclined to buy-in for the max.

What is the Main Event rake for WSOP? ›

WSOP Prize Pools

From that buy-in, WSOP withholds a stated portion to offset its operating expenses (known as the “rake”), with the remainder forming the tournament prize pool. For example: At WSOP's Main Event, the buy-in is $10,000. WSOP withholds 4.2% for “entry fees” and 1.8% for tournament dealers and staff.


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